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     Steve Nison, President of has teamed up with Ken Calhoun, President of to present two stunning multi-DVD systems for active stock traders. Whether you're a swing or intraday trader, and no matter what your experience level, you're sure to find valuable trading strategies revealed in this these powerful two trading systems.  Order both today!

What's Unique About These Two Popular "Momentum Stock Trading" Systems....

Unlike the other bestselling systems that Steve and Ken have produced individually, the Traders' Secrets 7-DVD system and the Stock Trading Success 14-DVD system show you how to harness the power of intraday stock charts for momentum breakout Western day and swing trading tactics along with top candle chart tactics... combined for you in each valuable trading system!



Using Steve's important basic candle signals plus the insights of Ken Calhoun's years of real world experience using intraday stock charts, you'll learn how to use intraday stock charts for:

+ intraday stock traders— see specific momentum breakout and pivot trading strategies for quick rount-trip trades (several minutes to several hours)

+ stock swing traders (holding a position from overnight to several weeks) to get even earlier breakout and reversal signals than you would using only daily charts

A popular foundation trading system, Steve and Ken reveal their most important chart patterns and trading strategies.

Captured "raw" by one of our actual traders during a live seminar, this system has been popular with hundreds of traders worldwide and provides a solid introductory foundation to both candle charts and western momentum breakout day and swing trading.   

Note that this system's video quality is not as good as the 14-DVDs (or our other systems), as it was filmed by one of our real traders (not a professional cameraman)... the techniques are superb, however it's a bit "rough around the edges".... it's still been very popular though, as it's the first-ever seminar Steve and Ken have ever done, and the content is very valuable..

Ideal for a first course for stock traders who want to learn BOTH how to use candle chart patterns with western momentum swing and intraday breakout trading strategies.

Click below to see the preview site and play the video:


Active stock traders who want to learn basic and advanced momentum Western breakout day and swing trading using intraday stock charts to gain entry/exit timing advantages.

This foundation trading system also teaches you Steve's primary candle chart patterns with unique examples, along with how to use Ken's Western technical patterns for momentum short-term stock trading.



Steve and Ken's most comprehensive trading system was captured during two entire LIVE market sessions, so you can see how to use the top candle chart and western technical breakouts illustrated with realtime markets.

Designed for traders with some background in candle charts already, this advanced 14-DVD "Stock Trading Success System" is ideal for active stock swing and intraday traders who want to potentially take their trading to the next level.

This takes you to the upper level of knowledge with a special focus on the real world practical application of trading tactics taught in the Traders' Secrets 7-DVD system.

In this 14 DVD set, to solidify what you learned Steve’s has dozens of “what would you do here” charts and, for the first time on video, shows how he does real time market analysis. Ken reveals how to find the best trade set ups within seconds of the opening, using time and sales for tape reading entries and exits ….

Fast-paced and energetic, this step-by-step trading system features our unique immersive "Triple Cam" trading technology, in which both actual traders and Steve Nison and Ken Calhoun's tactics are explained in crystal-clear video that you'll be learning from.

Hailed by the editor of the prestigious Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine (see the review below) and hundreds of our traders, this is a bestselling system that you'll refer to time and time again.


Active stock traders who want to see momentum breakout swing and intraday trading tactics using live realtime intraday stock chart examples to gain entry/exit timing advantages.

This is designed as the practical application of trading tactics taught in the Traders' Secrets 7-DVD system.  It's recommended that you have some basic knowledge from the 7-DVD system (or one of Steve's other systems) prior to ordering this.

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Grab this sensational downloadable pdf TASC review of the 14-DVD Stock Trading Success System below:

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